OPTIONS: Alternatives to College for the High School Student - There ARE alternatives to college!

About Us

Today's children are expected to complete high school, earn a degree, and head straight to college.  by today's standards, parents are determined to see their sons and daughters admitted to a good school, one with a name, and this pressure begins at an early age.  However, too often young adults experience difficulty meeting educational goals and their self-esteem is compromised.  The question? Is college an appropriate choice for everyone, and if not, what alternatives exist?  How can we assure a successful future for these students, and enable them to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments?

These are the questions we have been asking ourselves, and why we have created OPTIONS: Alternatives to College for the High School Student.  Ginny Feldman and Didi Sacks, both longtime educators, have developed a program to assist these young adults and their families in identifying educational alternatives to the traditional four-year college curriculum.  Ginny Feldman was a special educator in the Montgomery County Public School system for many years, and received her Masters Degree - Special Education from Trinity College in 1977.  For more than 20 years, she has had an educational consulting practice that focuses on college counseling and educational alternatives.  This experience has reinforced her desire to help students who may not wish to attend a college or university, but instead would benefit from learning about the numerous post high school/college options available. Didi Sacks earned her bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the Pennsylvania State University, and earned graduate credit in Special Education at Temple University.  She received her certification tutor training from the Lab School of Washington, DC, where she worked with learning disabled children.  She began her career working in the Montgomery County Public School System as a speech therapist.  during the past 18 years, she has been in private practice as a learning specialist and has continually grown aware of divergent needs of students.

Our mission is to provide high school students alternatives to college, while also eliminating the stigma associated with technical, vocational, and hands-on training programs.  By first identifying the interests of each child, we are then able to provide them with options. The opportunities available are endless and suitable for high school graduates, as well as college graduates who do not know what steps to take next.  Educational choices exist worldwide, and can enable a child to acquire new skills.  Most importantly, these opportunities allow young adults the time to mature and develop both socially and emotionally.  Students today face an increasingly demanding and competitive work force.  We believe it is our responsibility to enable them to see the choices that exist, and help them ultimately triumph!